How to generate Real Estate Leads in Berkeley CA in 2024 - All You need to know

Posted on January 25, 2022
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How many leads can I generate in Berkeley CA?

Berkeley has more than 50 zipcodes that performs great to generate seller and buyer leads. In general, some zipcodes tend to have better performance than others, but on average you can generate up to 150 leads per zipcode per month... in Berkeley 375,000 seller leads are generated monthly.... every 100 leads you get approximately 5 appointments and 1 to 2 deals are closed... So in Berkeley about 400 of these seller leads become listings and then a sold property.

Best zipcodes to generate real estate buyer and seller leads in Berkeley CA and nearby areas.

Zipcode $200 Monthly Budget $1000 Monthly Budget
94709 17 Leads ($12.12 est. cost per lead ) 83 Leads ($9.92 est. cost per lead)
94702 17 Leads ($11.76 est. cost per lead ) 85 Leads ($9.62 est. cost per lead)
94710 18 Leads ($11.02 est. cost per lead ) 91 Leads ($9 est. cost per lead)
94706 16 Leads ($12.22 est. cost per lead ) 82 Leads ($10 est. cost per lead)
94608 15 Leads ($13.4 est. cost per lead ) 75 Leads ($10.96 est. cost per lead)
94609 16 Leads ($12.88 est. cost per lead ) 78 Leads ($10.54 est. cost per lead)
94618 13 Leads ($14.84 est. cost per lead ) 67 Leads ($12.14 est. cost per lead)
94530 16 Leads ($12.4 est. cost per lead ) 81 Leads ($10.16 est. cost per lead)
94611 16 Leads ($12.38 est. cost per lead ) 81 Leads ($10.14 est. cost per lead)
94610 15 Leads ($13.44 est. cost per lead ) 74 Leads ($11 est. cost per lead)

What is the average price per seller lead in Berkeley CA?

The approximate cost of generating a seller lead in Berkeley is $15 dollars for every $200 dollars spent on advertising. And the lowest cost is $12 per lead for every $1000 spent on advertising. Understand that the more money you invest in advertising, the cheaper it costs to generate a lead.

How long does it take for a real estate lead to become a deal in Berkeley CA?

A lead can become a deal in less than a month, or it can take up to a year, there is no defined time for it, however you can increase the success rate of generating leads that convert in earlier stages of their generation ... the key to being able to generate leads that convert quickly is in the number of leads that you can generate in the shortest possible time since as well as having some that take time to take an action, you have a greater probability that others who are determined to act already become a deal for you. Every month in Berkeley CA, deals are closed and properties are sold, so the realtors who are more aggressive with their investment in marketing and ads, and do the follow-up correctly, are the ones who are closing those deals.

How much money does a real estate agent earns in Berkeley CA?

The average property cost in Berkeley is $1045143. An average realtor can earn up to $31354 per deal and on average about $376251 per year... A top producer in Berkeley CA can close more than 30 deals per year and earn more than $940629 per year.

How can I get real estate leads for free in Berkeley CA?

You can register as a user at, you will start receiving our Promotional leads that are free leads that we deliver to our users.

How can I start generating real estate leads in Berkeley CA today?

You can start generating seller and buyer leads today if you use ZipTitan's services. But not only will you be generating leads with proven strategies and optimized ads that work like a charm, you will also have access to all your leads in our cloud Client Panel and you will be able to use our follow up tool to automate your contact with your leads.

How many real estate leads do I need to generate to get an appointment in Berkeley?

On average you must generate at least 20 to 25 leads to get an appointment, although these figures may decrease when you invest more money in your ads since you will be more likely to generate leads with high intentions to take action in the short term.

What is the average number of appointments that end up becoming deals in Berkeley CA?

About 1 in 5 dates end up turning into a deal. You can have better results if you have worked harder on your personal brand, have excellent salesperson skills, and if you deliver a lot of value to your potential clients during the process.

How can I generate real estate buyer leads with Facebook Ads in Berkeley CA?

Why Facebook Ads? Although Google Ads seems like a good option for any type of advertising, the truth is that to generate buyer leads, Facebook is more effective in this specific case. Look, what happens with Google is that although you can generate leads with a greater intention to interact or transact, the truth is that it is quite expensive to generate buyer leads, especially when there are platforms such as Zillow,, and Trulia that have systems so advanced that a simple web page with a form will not be able to compete... that is why we prefer Facebook ads to generate buyer leads, because the user will not have to do a search to see results, we can show ads to people with specific interests in a more intrusive way, in these cases you just have to use more attractive graphic ads with powerful call to actions to fully capture their attention... For example: Run ads where you notify them when the price of housing market rises or falls in their area and redirect them to your IDX website. If property prices have dropped you will get buyer leads who may have been waiting by now to buy their property... and if property prices are going up... you will also get buyer leads who are somehow thinking they should take action as soon as possible so as not to pay much more in the future... This is the feeling of urgency and it is a cognitive bias that works perfectly for someone to take a certain action now.

How can I generate motivated real estate seller leads in Berkeley CA?

After more than 6 million leads generated and more than 15 million dollars invested in advertising to generate those leads and a lot of optimization, we can assure you that Google Ads is the best way to obtain motivated seller leads. They are users who clearly use the search engine to ask and find direct results because they have a specific action in their minds that they want to execute. They are more active users who will become potential sellers in a shorter period of time than the leads generated on other platforms.


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